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One of the latest innovations in psychiatry has been the development of brain imaging techniques. Our brains are involved in everything we feel and do. As we struggle with life's challenges, there is corresponding activity in our brains. Until recent years, we have always had to try to sue symptoms as a means of inferring what is happening in the brain. With the advent of modern-day brain imaging technologies, we are actually able to see the brain in action. This, in turn, has helped us to be able to refine treatment strategies both in medicine and in psychotherapy.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

Bob came into therapy because his anger problems were threatening his marriage. He had tried therapy previously with some temporary benefit. He found that after one of his anger outbursts, he would know what he should have done differently. He just was not able to implement the strategies he had learned, before he blew-up. A SPECT scan showed that Bob had over activity in his left temporal lobe, a finding that corresponds to other people who have quick, explosive tempers. Bob was put on a medication that helped calm his temporal lobe and was then able, in psychotherapy, to learn and then apply better ways of dealing with his hurts and frustrations.

Sally presented with problems in concentration and being able to follow-through on her projects. While these are common symptoms of A.D.D., they can be symptoms of other brain related problems. After receiving her SPECT scan, it was clear that her troubles were the result of anxiety associated with over activity in her basal ganglia. Appropriate medication was prescribed, and with the help of therapy Sally's self-esteem improved as she started seeing herself accomplish her goals.

These are only a couple examples of how brain imaging can save people years of trail and error treatment and frustration. Here at Cañada Counseling Center, we are familiar with the way that SPECT imaging can help you more quickly receive the help that you need. Please call us if you have been struggling and are looking for help.

If you are interested in learning more about SPECT scans and would like to view actual images, please go to www.amenclinics.com, or call us at (818) 957-2060.

This is not a diagnostic tool and is often not necessary.

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SPECT Imaging in Psychotherapy

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